To protect nearby water sources and underground aquifiers from potential contaminants generated by various types of industry, it may be necessary to remediate the affected area.

Project sites in need of remediation may include landfills, mine tailings ponds, fly ash retention ponds, brownfields and superfund sites. Bencor supports Environmental Remediation efforts through various means, including:

  •      Seepage Barriers & Cutoff Walls
  •      Soil Encapsulation
  •      Soil Treatment
  •      Soil Stabilization/Shear Reinforcement
  •      Hydro Mining- Contaminant Recovery
  •      Advanced Grouting Techniques

For environmental applications, Bencor offers several construction techniques to address the containment of subsurface contaminants. Environmental cutoff walls are not used for typical earth retention but rather to retain contaminated soils from moving or flowing past the wall.