Public infrastructure covers a range of facilities and systems that enable cities, municipalities, and nations to function as a whole. 

Bencor's project types within this market segment might include bridge foundation support for interchanges; dam rehabilitation and power plant foundation support; shafts for water, sewer, highway or subway tunnels; and ground improvement at ports or terminals.

Typical projects involve foundation grouting programs for new dam construction, and installation of various types of cutoff walls for seepage remediation on existing dams and levees.

Typical projects involve bulkhead rehabilitation for marine terminals, soil stabilization for oil terminals, and ground improvement at container facilities.

Typical projects include slurry wall shafts for subway tunnels and foundation support and ground improvement for highway interchanges or bridges.

Typical projects involve the construction of slurry walls for tunnel access shafts, subway station walls, CSO shafts, and pump station walls along with ancillary grouting programs for seepage control, ground improvement, or water cutoff.