miniJET® technology helped Bencor meet an aggressive construction schedule and reduce construction costs to deliver the SCR foundation package both on time and under budget.

The Project

Plant Crist is a coal-fired utility operation owned by Gulf Power, A Southern Company.  To meet new stringent federal and state regulations, Gulf Power was adding a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) facility at its Crist Electric Generating Plant Unit 6. SCR’s are pollution control systems that are designed to reduce regulated emissions from power plants.

The Solution

Bencor installed jet grout columns for structural and excavation support of the new SCR facility within an active power plant in less than 7 feet of headroom. Some of the columns were installed using conventional jet grout technology, while the rest were constructed with miniJET® technology.

The miniJET® method was utilized to install load bearing reinforcement as well as develop the jet grouted column simultaneously. By using the miniJET® technology, Bencor was able to meet Gulf Power’s aggressive construction schedule and reduce construction costs by roughly 15 percent, delivering the SCR foundation package both on time and under budget.

On this project Bencor installed:

  • A total of 334 single fluid jet grout columns in support of footing excavations with conventional methods.
  • A total of 435 structural jet grout column elements utilizing the miniJET® installation method.

miniJET® technology is a patented technology that incorporates the use of jet grouting through hollow, high strength drill rods that are left in place in the ground and become the structural element. They are available in different sizes to handle load requirements. It has developed into several versatile applications, including a new type of micropile system, and also a robotic underwater anchoring system that provides a cost-effective rehabilitation option for existing dock structures.

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