A grout curtain up to 318 ft. deep was constructed to block water flows from a nearby stream into an existing surface mine of Holcim Quarry.

The Project

Drilling and grouting contract that involved installing a grout curtain between the quarry and a nearby stream at the existing operating surface mine of Holcims’ quarry.

The Solution

The job consisted of cleaning out the existing piezometer wells, drilling new grout holes and pumping a low mobility grout into the formation to block water flows and increase flow lines. A total of 8 holes were cleaned out and 20 new holes were drilled to depths up to 318’ deep using a W100 Wassara D-T-H hammer. Over 1200 CY of LMG was pumped in place using bottom stage up grout techniques.

Project Facts


Holcim US, Inc.

Main Contractor(s)


Keller Business Unit(s)