Our capability to design-build and provide turnkey foundation solutions enables us to promptly address unforeseen risks or issues that might arise, and present the Owner with alternate cost effective approaches and technology.

Incorporating the use of different foundation techniques (composite foundation systems), can produce a more cost-effective design. For example:

  • The use of slurry diaphragm walls to form the permanent basement walls eliminates the need for traditional sheeting, shoring, and underpinning.
  • Load Bearing Elements (LBEs, Barrettes), installed using the same diaphragm wall equipment, provide for structural column support while eliminating the need to bring on a different contractor to install piling.
  • A jet grouted base seal installed in advance from the ground surface eliminates the need for massive dewatering if next to a large body of water in permeable soils.

When combined, these systems can produce significant savings to the overall project construction. 

We provide design-build services for slurry walls that are used in the construction of structures such as tunnels (launch shafts, retrieval shafts, subway stations, pump stations), buildings (basement walls, load bearing elements) dams (cutoff walls), for example, along with ancillary grouting methods for groundwater cutoff, ground improvement, settlement mitigation, etc.