Bencor provides a variety of specialized, geologic-specific drilling and grouting technologies. We develop and engineer numerous grouting programs and procedures, which assist in determining the optimum level of grouting and customizing of designs for site-specific applications.

Common Uses

  • Pre-excavation Soil Treatment
  • Excavation and Foundation Support
  • Shaft Grouting
  • Soil Stabilization / Ground Consolidation
  • Groundwater Intrusion Mitigation
  • Seepage Barrier / Cutoff Wall
  • Tunneling Support

Our grouting technologies have been employed to mitigate sinkhole movement, reduce large subsurface groundwater intrusions and provide large scale site improvement in which loose soil strata did not make conventional ground support methods feasible.

High Mobility (Permeation) Grouting

This type of grouting involves the injection of cementitious or chemical based grouts into a soil/rock matrix to fill the pore voids or cracks, fissures in an effort to strengthen the material or increase permeability to mitigate groundwater seepage. Based on the materials used, there are two major types of high mobility grouting: cement grouting (portland cements or microfine cement grouts) and chemical grouting (sodium silicate, polyurethane, and acrylate grouts).