Bencor provides a variety of specialized, geologic-specific drilling and grouting technologies. We develop and engineer numerous grouting programs and procedures, which assist in determining the optimum level of grouting and customizing of designs for site-specific applications.

Common Uses

  • Pre-excavation Soil Treatment
  • Grout Curtain
  • Dam Spillway Repair
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Sinkhole Mitigation
  • Groundwater Intrusion Mitigation
  • Seepage Barrier / Cutoff Wall

Our grouting technologies have been employed to mitigate sinkhole movement, reduce large subsurface groundwater intrusions and provide large scale site improvement in which loose soil strata did not make conventional ground support methods feasible.

Compaction Grouting is a technique of injecting very low slump grout under high pressure in order to densify mostly granular soils. This process minimizes the effects of subsidence and settlement caused by underground construction. 

Critical to the success of the compaction grouting procedure is the injection of the grout in a globular form. Compaction grouting is nearly always performed in stages, with merely a few feet of the grout hole to be injected at one time.The injection stages can be performed from the top down, commonly referred to as downstage, or from the bottom, upstage.

Downstage Grouting

Provides an advantage of additional restraint and containment of future injection, for work performed in less than 15 feet. Compaction grouting downstage involves: drilling an oversize hole to the top of the soil zone to be densified; the insertion of casing; drill through the casing and advance the hole, approximately 3 to 6 feet; inject grout; and repeat the process once the injected grout has hardened.

Upstage Grouting

This method of grouting tends to be the fastest and most economical, and generally accomplished in a continuous operation. Compaction grouting upstage involves: drilling a hole to the bottom of the zone to be improved; casing is placed within a few feet of the bottom of the hole; grout is injected; and the casing is raised at regular intervals and grouting is resumed until the improvement area is treated.

Compaction grout holes are typically spaced on a grid of 6 to 12 feet. Ordinarily, the injection process commences on the outside of the improvement area, working toward the interior.

Real Time Monitoring

All of our grouting projects are completed in conjunction with Bencor’s powerful UGC software to monitor and record drilling and grouting operations all while being monitored using our advanced Real Time Monitoring System. Our system fully integrates wireless and internet technologies to enable Project Inspectors and the engineering team to view and track all site activities.