Bencor remains an industry leader in the development of computerized systems for real-time monitoring and control of critical excavation, drilling and grouting parameters during actual performance of the work.

Long-range wireless communication with remote field equipment can provide engineers with ground improvement telemetry from multiple production rigs and locations. Panel excavation data, and drilling and grouting data are collected through a network of sensors within the machines and are recorded by dedicated on-board computers. The data is then transmitted to the base station where it is downloaded to computers and recorded to both printed and electronic storage media. Engineers can monitor and analyze real-time telemetry simultaneously through a long-range wireless link. 

Common Uses

  • Jet grouting with single- or multi-axis drill rigs and connected high-pressure injection pumps
  • High-mobility grouting and associated water testing
  • Low-mobility grouting and ancillary ground response
  • Slurry diaphragm walls - Ensuring verticality tolerances are met during panel excavation operations 


  • Provides real-time, continuous quality control to verify compliance with design parameters
  • Allows real-time analysis of water test data
  • Allows monitoring of pressure-displacement and ground response during compaction grouting
  • Provides the ability to quickly identify problems and make the necessary corrections while the installation is underway rather than discovering problems after the fact which can be costly